Read the Printed Word! Do you ever have your students make their own comics? If so, in what way do you use them? - from-student-to-teacher


  1. littlestwampum answered: yes! I use them primarily to summarize major events and vocabulary words.
  2. teachinginthemiddle answered: yes: check for understanding and big ideas with stories or novels
  3. sarrupysweet answered: I use them with vocabulary words - drawing with words seems to help my students remember the meanings more.
  4. wincherella answered: Yes, a lot of times I have them illustrate the plot structure of a novel, story or play to see if they really understand it.
  5. gabrielari said: I did with my 1 graders to retell a story we read in class, they each made one and loved it! :)
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  7. thegrownuplife answered: Easy activity: I had students pick a scene they felt characterized a character perfectly, then they had the option to make it a comic :)
  8. ummno answered: I use them in a few different places as options, but everyone does one 6-panel strip during our Bill of Rights/Civil Liberties unit.
  9. katy-mylady answered: I used it as differentiation this year - I had one girl take notes in comic form
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    This is a great idea.
  12. tomes-away answered: Yup, all the time! I use them for reading quizzes on novels and plays, and as a study tool for exams.
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    I use this for sequencing, summarizing, text features, and brainstorming for writings! I use it for language arts, as...
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    During my internship in 2009-2010, I had them make mini comics summarizing Greek myths. I based it off of this book...
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    I use them in history all the time to illustrate an important event or timeline.
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    We did a mini-unit on comics before we read Maus. I asked kids to draw a comic showing various elements of a graphic...
  17. gamher-teacher answered: I did make a lesson plan for a town history comic, but never used it on them.
  18. mumeditation said: Yes. In EFL. For a creative group activity… Some good resources are the following Google searches “penny arcade remix” and “esl EFL garfield comics. 😃
  19. ladybyrd said: I’ll have students do a comic of our weekly story, so they can practice sequencing and summarizing. They love it!
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