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How can you improve a relationship with your classroom teacher when you are interning?

Was it hard getting along with your classroom teacher when you were interning?

Do you have any tips/tricks for getting along and being successful in a student internship?


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  3. thefreelancecynic answered: Take an interest in their day, ask them if they need help with anything, ask their advice. As crazy a time as internship can be, this helps.
  4. katy-mylady answered: Ask for advice. Sometimes CTs just want to feel like their input is valued - and know that you know that you don’t know everything yet!
  5. mumeditation answered: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies (not joking)
  6. mrsjdr said: I went from a DREAM pairing to a really hard one & looking back I’d say learn to let it go sometimes & not try to fix everything. Learn what you can about yourself, your teaching style, and how to deal with tough situations without losing your mind.
  7. mrstechteacher said: Keep repeating this mantra “I can do anything for —— days/weeks”.
  8. winstasims answered: always offer them tea if they’re busy… they realise through the small things that you have a use! :D
  9. heyteach answered: Be reflective. Have a thoughtful reply whenever your classroom teacher asks, “How do you think that went?”
  10. edukaition answered: Choose your battles. My mentor and I disagree on the most basic things. It’s easier to just smile and nod sometimes and let it go.
  11. coloursinaflower said: Keep trying. I had a bad placement and it didn’t get better. But it did end. Look for another teacher in the school or without to access as a mentor.
  12. adventuresofastudentteacher said: Mine is very changeable, but make a good first impression, find common ground and demonstrate that you’re ready to learn
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